Woodstoich 4

Flathead Lake Biological Station,   University of Montana

14-19 August 2019

About Woodstoich



The Woodstoich workshop is a product-focused event for early career scientists working in the field of ecological / biological stoichiometry. Its vision is to create a diverse community of early career scientists to invigorate ecology by improving and expanding the use of stoichiometric theory.

In 2019 the workshop will be held in North America for the first time. 


The workshop involves the following

● extensively led by the early career scientists themselves 

● 4-5 working groups formed months ahead of the conference to define and advance a project 

● attendees arrive at the workshop with a first draft of a manuscript

● attendees complete their manuscript during the first days of the workshop

● manuscripts receive thorough peer review within 24 h of submission

● manuscripts revised and resubmitted, with acceptance or rejection generally determined before the end of the event. 



The event has now been held three times, every five-years on the same dates of the legendary Woodstock concert: in Norway in 2004, in Japan in 2009, and in Australia in 2014. In each case, manuscripts resulting from the workshop have received at least two and usually three (and up to five) rigorous peer reviews and, after acceptance, appeared online within a few months of the workshop. Many of the papers have been extensively cited.